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Scritte INOX per Imbarcazioni - Nomi Barche

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New light power  waterproof system



Cobelli Franco with the advent of the new technical processesl has been specialized in the stainless steel written and recording (marcatura) realization from laser cut without having to rerun to fusion stamps of old conception.

For the naval field, CF  know by direct experience, how to the sea water and the saltiness contribute to the corrosion of all part of the boat, so CF realize exclusively in certifyd stainless steel  A316 .

The production goes from the complete written ones to the melted letters with one immense range of characters and any size.

The assembly is it call can be predisposed for nail or holes for the implantation with self-tapping or free lives with glue or silicone .


The thicknesses  are different from 1 mm 5 mm. For a speech to the weights (stainless steel has a considerable weight in comparison for example to the aluminium which is a great more light) .

The most written is realised with thicknesses of 2 mm and Max 3 mm making the product  much lighter and more fluid , elegant to the view. For written of large thicknesses, to making  objective the idea of depth ,we use plexiglass with thickness of 8, 10, 12, 15 mm post written after the same A316 system. So we have  the possibility of finally back to lighting the written, by entering led .


Our company offers three different solutions:

smooth therefore fixing by adhesives appropriate (sikaflex) , with pins that vary from 2, 3 and 6mm for lengths of Max 25-30mm with compass of diameter 4 MM in written large-scale solution. In fact the possibility for means of a bar threaded of length to mount the written craft and setting from the inside by giving it can widen further from fairing on the outside.


Our company offers three different solutions:

glazed , glossy mirror standard , glossy mirror (by process of electro polishing) THE PROCESS OF ELECTRO polishing give protection against the salt and atmospheric agents. (treatment against payment)  .

Delivery 3/5 days. glossy finish or satin Possibility of finishing.

Production Cycle

1. Contact with the customer which shall communicate a specific well detailed of the needs of software with information on the size, thickness, of fixing and finishing. 2. CF shall send a draft with all the details via mail or fax within 12/24 hours. 3. It awaits confirmation of the customer with any amendments and communication of all the administrative data required

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We will send one rough draft  with all detailed lists.


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